Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

Adopt a Sustainable and Carbon Neutral lifestyle to minimize your impact on the planet.

Carbon Neutral means that a person (or a business, product or event) has calculated their carbon footprint and has minimized their impact on the planet by reducing it to zero emissions.

Your journey to carbon neutral involves several steps.

Measure: Measuring your carbon footprint is an important first step. Once done, you can understand which activities cause the greatest carbon emissions—and how you can make changes to reduce them. Our calculator can help you figure out your carbon footprint.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The next step is to consider changes to your lifestyle that will reduce your footprint. We have many helpful suggestions.

Offset: Eliminate the portion of your footprint you cannot reduce through carbon offsets. Offsets are created when someone takes specific steps to reduce, avoid or trap greenhouse gases. By purchasing and retiring those offsets, you get credit for those reductions.

Sustain:Green cards will help you reduce your carbon footprint and live a more sustainable, lower-carbon lifestyle.

Your Sustainability Solution

Reduce your carbon footprint with Sustain:Green cards and advance down the path of sustainable carbon neutral living.

Once you have taken steps to reduce your impact, carbon offsets can be used to bring your emissions down to a net zero, and you will become carbon neutral.

With Sustain:Green cards you can reduce or even eliminate the carbon footprint of items you buy. We eliminate 2 lbs. of CO2 for every $1 you spend.* Sign up for either our Sustain:Green Credit Card or Prepaid MasterCard to reduce your carbon footprint, fight global climate change and fund rainforest preservation and reforestation projects.

Those without our card typically purchase carbon offsets to become carbon neutral

People often want to host events that are carbon neutral. We offer the option to purchase additional carbon offsets for weddings, concerts, conferences, and parties.

And remember that your purchases of carbon offsets come with the double benefit of helping fund rainforest preservation and reforestation projects through Mata No Pieto.

We Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Everything Has
A Footprint

Use the Sustain:Green Cards to reduce or eliminate the carbon footprint of items you buy.*

A Carbon Footprint is a measure of the impact of everything we do or buy—on climate change. For example, a simple hamburger requires energy that begins with raising the cows to transporting the meat and growing the flour that becomes the bun.** Your carbon footprint includes all of your activities.

Because the Sustain:Green Credit Card and Prepaid MasterCard eliminate 2 lbs of carbon for every $1 you spend, it offsets the footprint of most things you buy. Buy a cheeseburger or a latte and we eliminate its carbon footprint.

We do more than just reduce your carbon footprint

Fund Reforestation

Deforestation of rainforests is a major contributor to climate change.

With our carbon calculator, you can track the progress you make in reducing your footprint. Every day can make a personal difference in the fight against climate change.

But it is not just about reducing your own climate impact. Our card supports projects that make a difference around the world. Through our partnership with Nike and the American Carbon Registry in the Mata No Peito project, when we use certain offsets from Nike, all of the money is donated to a fund that will provide seed capital to innovative forestry projects.

What Else Can I Do?

Join The Fight

Now more than ever, we must do these things together.
President Barak Obama,
2013 Inaugural Address

Climate change may be global, but it is preventable and there are many ways to join the fight.

As a first step, reduce your personal carbon footprint. The Sustain:Green Credit Card and Prepaid Debit MasterCard reduce your carbon footprint with each purchase. We offset your carbon footprint by retiring 2 lbs of CO2 for every dollar you spend, and we provide funds for rainforest preservation and reforestation projects.

What Are Carbon Offsets?


Carbon offsets are created when someone takes a specific step to reduce, avoid or sequester greenhouse gas emissions from a specific project. The reduction in CO2 is very real, as are the green projects generating these offsets. These projects may involve reforestation, green energy, capping methane emissions from farms, or many others. They are sold by the project developer, to obtain funding for these green projects. Thus, we help support a range of green projects.

Carbon offsetWhen you retire a Carbon Offset, you are cancelling out or offsetting, the amount of greenhouse gases that your activities create.

Our commitment to making a real difference in the fight against climate change, means we are very particular when we select projects. First, the projects must be subject to third party verification and conform to strict scientific standards. Accordingly, only projects which are registered on credible registries, such as the American Carbon Registry, NYSE Blue VCS Registry and the Climate Action Reserve are chosen. Furthermore, we will only support projects that meet the PAVER best-practices standard:

Permanent - Removed from atmosphere for at least 100 years

Additional - Reductions must exceed amounts required by law or regulation

Verifiable - Projects must be audited and verified by an independent third party

Enforceable - Registered and tracked in a public registry incorporating enforcement mechanisms

Real - Can be measured to a high degree of accuracy and is based on an activity that has occurred, not one projected to occur in the future

We partnered with the non-profit American Carbon Registry to ensure that projects are chosen wisely.

*We eliminate carbon by buying and retiring carbon offsets. If you are interested in the offsets we are currently retiring, click here.

**Cheeseburger , coffee, water and rice estimates from How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything, Mike Berners-Lee. Gas estimate based on U.S. averages from EPA.


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