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Be An
Eco Hero

Adopt a Sustainable and Carbon Neutral lifestyle to minimize your impact on the planet.

The Sustain:Green credit card is truly unique, with an unmatched set of features designed to fight climate change and sustain the planet.*

- Reduces your personal carbon footprint

- Funds rainforest preservation and reforestation

- Biodegradable

Every dollar you spend with your Sustain:Green credit card reduces your carbon footprint, fights climate change and preserves the rainforest. Make a difference with every swipe

Currently we are not taking new applications for the Sustain:Green credit card

Sustain:Green's biodegradable credit card will help you reduce your carbon footprint and live a more sustainable, lower-carbon lifestyle.

With a Sustain:Green credit card you can reduce or even eliminate your carbon footprint just by swiping. We eliminate 2 to 4 pounds of CO2 for every $1 you spend: our base reduction is 2 pounds per $1, and if you spend $1,250 in a quarter, we will eliminate an additional 2,500 pounds. So if you spend roughly $100 per week, we eliminate about 20,000 pounds of CO2 per year.1 Plus, Sustain:Green reduces your carbon footprint by an additional 5,000 pounds when you make your first purchase within 90 days.2

You can make a big impact just by switching credit cards. Be a climate change hero.

We Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Everything Has
A Footprint

Sustain:Green reduces or eliminates the carbon footprint of items you buy.*

A Carbon Footprint is a measure of the impact of everything we do or buy—on climate change. Sustain:Green credit cards are tools for reducing or eliminating your personal carbon footprint, or the carbon footprint of each item you purchase.

Use a Sustain:Green credit card enough, and you can offset your entire personal carbon footprint. Charge roughly $100 per week and we eliminate 25,000 pounds of CO2 in your first year. Maybe you can achieve this just by using the card for your weekly trip to the grocery store. Tink of what you can accomplish if you used the card for all of your shopping. With the average American having a carbon footprint of 17.3 metric tonnes, the Sustain:Green card can make a significant difference.

Because the Sustain:Green credit card eliminates carbon with every swipe, it offsets the footprint of most things you buy. How much of an item's carbon footprint we offset depends on the nature of the item and its price. Even seemingly identical items can have different carbon footprints depending on how they were produced and transported. For example, a locally grown carrot with likely have a lower carbon footprint than a carrot transported from far away. Shop smart and you can maximize the environmental benefits from your card.

A few examples:4

A black coffee has a carbon footprint of only 0.04 pounds. If you pay $2, you will earn at least 4 pounds of carbon offsets. A cappuccino has a carbon footprint of 0.51 pounds. If you pay $3.50, you will earn at least 7 pounds (up to 14 pounds) of carbon offsets.

A typical cheese burger has a pretty high carbon footprint of about 5.5 lbs. With an average price of $4.49 you would earn at least 9 pounds (up to 18 pounds) of carbon offsets.

A pair of jeans has an estimated footprint of 13 pounds. This can vary widely based on how the cotton was grown, manufacturing methods and transportation. Purchased at Target, these jeans might cost $25; at other stores over $100. However, even at $25, using the Sustain:Green MasterCard to make the purchase will offset far more carbon than the footprint of the jeans.

A bottle of wine has a typical carbon footprint of 2.3 – 3.3 pounds per bottle, much of it attributable to the glass bottle, making boxed wine more eco-friendly. At a typical price of $10 per bottle, the purchase offsets far more carbon than the wine’s footprint.

Gasoline has a carbon footprint of 19.7 pounds per gallon. It you pay $4 per gallon, you will earn between 8 and 16 pounds of carbon offsets. However, if your car is fuel efficient and exceeds the average of 21.5 miles per gallon, you may completely offset your purchase. Even when using the Sustain:Green MasterCard, making eco-smart choices matters.

We do more than just reduce your carbon footprint

Fund Reforestation

Deforestation of rainforests is a major contributor to climate change.

By using your Sustain:Green Mastercard, you provide financing to projects that address the root causes of deforestation. Sustain:Green has partnered with Nike and the American Carbon Registry in supporting the Mata No Peito rainforest initiative. When you use your Sustain:Green MasterCard, we achieve your carbon footprint reduction by purchasing and retiring certain offsets from Nike. All of this money is donated to a fund that will provide seed capital to innovative forestry projects by Mata No Peito, under the supervision of the American Carbon Registry and WinRock International, a global non-profit.

Brazil is home to over half of the planet’s tropical forests including the Amazon and the Atlantic Forest. As the lungs of the planet, forests absorb and recycle CO2, helping to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and stabilize the climate.

Each year an area equivalent to over nine million soccer fields is deforested or degraded in Brazil due to logging or conversion to cropland or grazing land. The loss of forests has major climate, biodiversity, and socio-economic impacts: Deforestation accounts for an estimated 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 60% of Brazil’s emissions.

Deforestation threatens biodiversity, and the Amazon is the most biodiversity rich rainforest in the world—home to one-in-10 known plant and animal species. Deforestation also threatens the communities who depend on the forest for their food, water, and livelihoods. The Mata no Peito initiative will fund innovative, sustainable solutions that scale the effort to reforest degraded lands and reduce deforestation while providing alternative incomes to forest-based communities.

What Else Can I Do?

News, Games and Social Interaction

Knowledge fuels our ability to drive social change.

Education and social interaction are key elements in our program. Cardholders can calculate their footprint, set goals, track their carbon reduction and invite others to join in the fight. Additionally, Sustain:Green has a science-based gamification platform where individuals and teams can learn about sustainable lifestyle choices and take challenges designed to reduce their carbon footprint and save money. Our content rich news site is a continually updated source of current information.

What Are Carbon Offsets?


Carbon offsets are created when someone takes a specific step to reduce, avoid or sequester greenhouse gas emissions from a specific project. The reduction in CO2 is very real, as are the green projects generating these offsets. These projects may involve reforestation, green energy, capping methane emissions from farms, or many others. They are sold by the project developer, to obtain funding for these green projects. Thus, we help support a range of green projects.

Carbon offsetWhen you retire a Carbon Offset, you are cancelling out or offsetting, the amount of greenhouse gases that your activities create.

Our commitment to making a real difference in the fight against climate change, means we are very particular when we select projects. First, the projects must be subject to third party verification and conform to strict scientific standards. Accordingly, only projects which are registered on credible registries, such as the American Carbon Registry, NYSE Blue VCS Registry and the Climate Action Reserve are chosen. Furthermore, we will only support projects that meet the PAVER best-practices standard:

Permanent - Removed from atmosphere for at least 100 years

Additional - Reductions must exceed amounts required by law or regulation

Verifiable - Projects must be audited and verified by an independent third party

Enforceable - Registered and tracked in a public registry incorporating enforcement mechanisms

Real - Can be measured to a high degree of accuracy and is based on an activity that has occurred, not one projected to occur in the future

We partnered with the non-profit American Carbon Registry to ensure that projects are chosen wisely.

*We currently are not accepting applications for the Sustain:Green credit card. The credit card features and benefits described on the website reflect the features and benefits associated with the credit card provided by our previous issuer. It is our desire to maintain these same features and benefits when we start accepting applications, but specific features and benefits may vary from the descriptions herein. .

1Carbon footprint reduction is accomplished by Sustain:Green retiring verified carbon offsets on the American Carbon Registry equal to 2 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent for every dollar in Net Merchandise Purchases. In any calendar quarter, make at least $1,250 in Net Merchandise Purchases and Sustain:Green will reduce your carbon footprint by an additional 2,500 pounds. Only one such bonus Reward may be earned in any given calendar quarter, for a maximum of 10,000 pounds per calendar year. All Rewards earned and accrued are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Sustain:Green Rewards Program Terms & Conditions for Sustain:Green MasterCard."Net Merchandise Purchases" means purchases of merchandise or services on the Account, less any returned merchandise credits or service credits posted to the Account. Net Merchandise Purchases does not include Cash Advances, Balance Transfers or associated fees, money transfers or other fees, gaming chips, or fees or premiums for coverage or insurance to protect the balances of an Account holder's Account. Questions concerning eligible transactions and what constitutes Net Merchandise Purchases will be determined in the sole discretion of Sustain:Green.

2Within 90 days following the account opening of your new Sustain:Green credit card, approved applicants must use the card to make a purchase, balance transfer, or cash advance to qualify for the retirement of 5,000 pounds of carbon offsets. Please allow 45 days for this carbon footprint reduction to be posted to your Sustain:Green Rewards account. Limit one (1) 5,000 pound offer per Sustain:Green account.

3Source: Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

4Carbon footprint estimates from How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything, Mike Berners-Lee, except for gas estimate, which is based on U.S. averages from EPA. .


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