How Much Does Paperless Billing Really Help the Environment?

How Much Does Paperless Billing Really Help the Environment?

If you value green living, then you've probably switched to paperless billing for your utilities and other bills. You've likely also urged your friends to do the same -- but do you know how huge of an impact switching to paperless billing has on the environment? Here's a hint: it's bigger than you're probably imagining.

Say, for instance, you pay five bills per month. This seems like a valid average for an adult. If you switch to electronic billing, statements and payments for just one year for those five bills, you save 1.9 pounds of paper and avoid releasing 74 pounds of greenhouse gasses. Because the bills don't have to travel through the postal system, you also save 2.4 gallons of gas. Due to reduced paper production, switching to paperless billing also prevents 18 gallons of wastewater from being discharged into natural bodies of water. That's pretty substantial! Now, imagine if everyone in your neighborhood switched to paperless billing. Thousands of gallons of wastewater would be avoided, a small forest of trees would be saved, and hundreds of thousands of pounds of greenhouse gasses would not be released.

Most of the big companies have realized that switching to paperless billing is an eco-friendly choice that helps the planet and satisfies the needs of their clients. So, if you're still getting bills in the mail from any of the companies you work with, chances are they do offer the option to switch over. Check their websites, or call and talk with a representative. The sooner you change to paperless billing, the less impact you'll have on the environment.

Keep in mind that to achieve the most eco-friendly benefits, you not only need to have bills sent to your email rather than your mailbox, but you also need to make sure the way you're paying your bills is eco-friendly. Pay your bill online rather than mailing a check. Paying with biodegradable credit cards allows you to help the planet even more! Visit Sustain:Green to learn about our biodegradable credit cards and associated eco-friendly rewards program.


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