Mata no Peito

Mata no Peito is a coalition initiative to support local organizations and communities to protect and replant forests throughout Brazil. When Sustain:Green, or any of the other participants, purchases and retires certain carbon offsets provided by Nike, all of the money is donated to a fund that will provide seed capital to innovative forestry projects. The Mata no Peito coalition will demonstrate we can all work together to achieve meaningful, positive environmental impact.

About Mata No Peito

Nike has made cutting greenhouse gas emissions across its operations, incorporating sustainability into the design of its products, and reducing its overall environmental footprint the cornerstones of its sustainability efforts. In 2006, Nike spearheaded a groundbreaking voluntary greenhouse gas emission reduction project to replace the gas in the airbags in its athletic shoes. The airbags were originally filled with sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), a greenhouse gas 22,200 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. After extensive research, Nike replaced the SF6 with nitrogen and made large investments in retooling its manufacturing facility to accompany the change. The project reduced millions of tons of CO2, producing carbon offsets registered on the nonprofit American Carbon Registry (ACR).

Through Mata no Peito, Nike will use its carbon offsets as the basis of a coalition initiative to protect and recover the forests of Brazil. Leveraging the growing voluntary carbon market, the Nike offsets will be sold and retired on behalf of individuals and corporations seeking to voluntarily offset their carbon footprints. The proceeds from the offset sales will capitalize the Mata no Peito Fund, which will provide seed investments to selected forestry projects in Brazil. The funding will go to innovative projects that can move beyond business as usual to demonstrate scale and create models for replicability.

Eligible projects are those that reforest degraded lands and those that reduce deforestation by providing alternative incomes and establishing sustainable land-use practices. Projects must demonstrate integrated solutions that involve local communities and address long-term sustainability issues by overcoming environmental, cultural, political, and socio-economic challenges. Funded projects will generate ACR-registered carbon offsets, which will be sold directly by the project developers to provide ongoing funding and ensure project sustainability.

What is the Challenge?

Brazil is home to over half of the planet’s tropical forests including the Amazon and the Atlantic Forest. As the lungs of the planet, forests absorb and recycle CO2, helping to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and stabilize the climate. Each year an area equivalent to over nine million soccer fields is deforested or degraded in Brazil due to logging or conversion to cropland or grazing land. The loss of forests has major climate, biodiversity, and socio-economic impacts: Deforestation accounts for an estimated 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 60% of Brazil’s emissions. Deforestation threatens biodiversity, and the Amazon is the most biodiversity rich rainforest in the world—home to one-in-10 known plant and animal species. Deforestation also threatens the communities who depend on the forest for their food, water, and livelihoods. The Mata no Peito initiative will fund innovative, sustainable solutions that scale the effort to reforest degraded lands and reduce deforestation while providing alternative incomes to forest-based communities.

What Does “Mata no Peito” Mean?

Pronounced Mah-ta noo pay-too, the phrase has a number of meanings in Portuguese.

Mata no Peito is a colloquialism for taking on a challenge. In this sense, the phrase urges potential partners to participate by taking on the challenge to reduce their carbon footprint and at the same time contribute to helping protect the forests of Brazil.

In the world of sports, Mata no Peito is a revered soccer play in which the player passes the ball or makes a goal by hitting it with his chest. Participants will score goals for Brazil by helping to protect and restore the country’s forests.

And figuratively speaking, Mata no Peito means to cherish the forests.


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