You Can Make a Difference: Help Reforestation Efforts With the Purchase of Carbon Offsets

You Can Make a Difference: Help Reforestation Efforts With the Purchase of Carbon Offsets

Deforestation and climate change go hand-in-hand. In Brazil alone, deforestation accounts for more than 60% of the nation's greenhouse gas emissions and 10% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. Not only does deforestation release greenhouse gasses, but it removes some of the planet's ability to reabsorb carbon dioxide, a known greenhouse gas, since the rainforests are a massive carbon sink. Each year, an area as large as 9 soccer fields is deforested in the Brazil, but now there is something you can do to help.

Sustain:Green has partnered with Mata No Peito, a coalition that is helping to replant trees in Brazil. "Mata No Peito" means "take on a challenge" in Portuguese, the native language of Brazil. This is a challenge that you can help take on today.

Mata No Peito was organized by Nike and the non-profit American Carbon Registry in a effort to address rainforest deforestation through market-based solutions. , Nike generated a substantial amount of carbon offsets and, rather than selling them, donated them to the American Carbon Registry for the benefit of Mata No Peito. Every time you buy one of these carbon offset, you offset your carbon footprint, while generating funds for rainforest preservation. You can purchase these offsets through Sustain:Green’s carbon store.

With Sustain:Green, it's easy to participate in offsetting carbon emissions. Every time you make a purchase with your Sustain:Green MasterCard®, we reduce your carbon emissions by purchasing and retiring some of these offsets on the American Carbon Registry. That's right -- just by making purchases with your Sustain:Green credit card, you're helping to fund the preservation of rainforests of Brazil.

Rainforest preservation is a reward from which everyone benefits. You benefit with cleaner air and slowed climate change. The communities in the deforested areas will be better able to maintain their ways of life, and biodiversity of the rainforests will be preserved.

To learn more about how Sustain:Green participates in rainforest preservation, or to inquire about our biodegradable credit card, please contact us.


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